A Taste of Vaudeville

A piano, an open space and two antagonistic characters.
An enthusiastic clown and an indifferent musiccian.
A cane, a hat and a spoon.
A drum without drumsticks…
A little luggage for a grand finalle.
A duel to the death…
A game with no rules where everything is possible;
A world where the innocence and naivety are a virtue;

The right place to enjoy, feel and smile… to think less and love more.
A time when you can lose the notion of time and the present moment is the only thing that matters…
A place where the street meet the Circus and the Theater meets the street
A play with you all and for all of you

Thelmo Parole, this time accompanied by Froik, a versatile musician, take the audience into his own universe of live music, circus and comedy. An universe full of empathy and hope where these two eccentric characters live.

A Taste of Vaudeville is a genuine search for beauty, fantasy, poetry and laughter… for the essences of the small moments, that transcens in a magical and warmth experience designed to make you dream and play all together.

Thelmo & Froik in a tribute to the classics, attempt to recreate their own vaudeville world.
A show of Physical comedy with the thrill of the Circus, the character of the Theater and the spontaneaty of the street … Thelmo is masterfully accompanied with the charm and funny music of Froik who put the right intensity and timing to each situattion, giving to the performance an organic and romantic taste, a taste of nostalgia, a Taste of Vaudeville….

A show with a spirit of the old times when the comedy was focused in the character, in the gesture, in the reaction, in the situation… not that much in making funny things but in making things funny.

DOSSIER: Thelmo & Froik Dossier