Samuel Penhastro is an Spanish artist based in London, passionate about comedy world in general and about Clown in particular. With a personal, intense and mainly self taught artistic education, he learns from professional masters of the Art of the Clown, like Leandre Ribera, Churry Silva or Alex Navarro, among others.

Along 20 years of professional career, Samuel Penhastro has been developing his skills in Theater and Circus disciplines, such as acrobatics, mime, Clown, juggling, dance, slapstic and others. He has also been creating, directing and performing in many different projects.

During this time, Samuel has created several characters and shows, performing in multiple international indoor and outdoor venues, which include big Circus like Cirque Amar (France), international festivals like “The World Festival of Clowns in Yekaterinburg”(Russia), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland), Atsugi Festival (Japan), or worldwide acclaimed stages, such as “Bolshoi St Petersburg State Circus” (Russia), or “Teatro Circo Price” (Madrid). He also joined successful companies like “La FuradelsBaus”, “Els Comediants”, “Ale Hop”, “Producciones de Sonrisas”, etc.

These experiences have been very important for the development and evolution of Samuel Penhastro as an artist and Clown; as they have required him to adapt his work to the different options that each context offers to this endless and fascinating research.


“THELMO PAROLE” is the result of a deep study and evolution along this path. A very intense and delicate work, focused upon the connection with the audience. Thelmo Parole mixes disciplines like mime, balancing juggling or slapstick. All of them are used as a key to improvise situations with the audience, play games, share moments and evoke emotions.

From his unique and genuine, sometimes eccentric sense of humor, and a nearly missing sense of ridicule, Thelmo connects with the audience in an organical, humble, naked, and unpretentious way, transforming his sophisticated and nearly clumsy appearance into a ridiculous and nearly athletic one: taking off his glasses and changing his Suit with classic shoes and tie into a lycra and a superhero cape…

Thelmo, from his naive perspective and enthusiastic nature, creates a personal and close relationship with the audience, a subtle dialogue space, in a direct language without words.

Inspired by great Clowns from Grock to Buster Keaton, and transformed by the influences of modern times… A Circus Show where the skills are not of primary importance… A tribute to the silent movies, where nothing goes beyond the character.


“The Show Must Go On” and “A Taste of Vaudeville” are the Thelmo Parole’s Shows created in London by Samuel Penhastro and performed in Theater Festivals such as:

  • Atsugi Festival (Japan). October 2016
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland) August 2014-15-16-17-18
  • AlGhadir Theater Festival (Dubai). March 2015-16
  • Busk in London Festival (London) July 2016
  • Tainan International Clown Festival (Taiwan). November 2017
  • Cape Town International Theater Festival (South Africa). October 2017
  • City Spectacular Festival (Ireland) July 2018
  • Fantastika Festival (Austria) July 2018
  • Dundas Festival (Canada) June 2018